Day 8 The Daily Routine

I am in Canada so writing prose than poetry- this is the copy of a blog that appeared at

  1. For the first time I slept at 10:30 pm yesterday and woke up at 6:00 am. Jet lag is over! 🙂
  2. I took the bus but I think I climbed the wrong bus . or it was the right bus but the wrong route (20). Route 20 is awesome for watching the University of Calgary. Kind of looks like an American university without the emphasis on football.
  3. I used train C to reach downtown. Trains in Calgary are also a bit like trams- as in they run on the same road as people. This scares me, I should watch it before walking on stop signs.
  4. A man on the C train told me – “Can you please turn off your ipod volume, bud. Not everyone needs to hear that.” People around me smiled. I kind of turned red and said “Sorry”. On the other hand, when I am 64, and I still have my hearing- I would need to thank that anonymous man on the train.
  5. It started raining (drizzling). So I got red and cold. Come to think of it, when it rains , people around you smile less. The rain has an infectious emotional feeling. A thought occurred to me. Culture is dependent on climate. Will climate change lead to cultural changes too?
  6. Finally reached Calgary Public Library. Ate breakfast. Hooked up to wifi. Which is why I am typing this :).
  7. I shifted seats from a table for four to a table of one , because the man and woman on the table started flirting. It is tough to be a serious writer if one guy is rubbing his leg another person , in a table of four chairs, or taking a picture while she giggles. It was so much rom-com, it kind of reminded me of Shakespeare. But I had to move to the other table. The sacrifices I do! All for writing for you.
  8. Calgary is the world’s cleanest city . I should  take a shower everyday. Never mind the cold. We don’t want the average to fall, huh.
  9. Calgary is a very diverse city- with people from 125 countries in it. I think  I met people of many nationalities in the C train.
  10. Photo from yesterday – outside the RBC. The World’s most friendly bank for liberals! With statue of two naked men. Standing butt to butt.  Try and Match that , American Banks!

Screenshot from 2013-05-22 22:06:28

Author: Ajay Ohri

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