anonymous white woman in a bar

A woman from the first world is flashing her tits
As she serves me beer in a first class bar
Hoping I coax my third world stinginess hard enough
To tip her fair enough to help pay the bills

For the lifestyle that the omniscient western civilization elders
Have decreed balances her liberty with the greater good
All the while the invisible hand of commerce
Nudging and guided by closet conferences

Keep the people distracted
Keep them occupied by flashing
Or being flashed appropriately or then not
By mundane transient material things

Glory is bad and honor is dead
All leads to destructive war
Why think these thoughts when our bright
Scientists have come with the perfect final solution

To keep the sheep pacified and
Sucking their umblical pacifiers
Let them drink beer watch tv groan on sports
While we keep them well occupied

By low income women working
As servers in first class bars
Flashing second class tits
To third class morons like you and me

Author: Ajay Ohri

4 thoughts on “anonymous white woman in a bar”

  1. Seems to me like a win-win situation, the bars employ them so they don´t have to flash their tits in the street and morons like us can just masturbate while eating a stake. It´s all good.

      1. Who gives a shit about the big picture, lets make a mixture of tits, booze going to snooooze more tits and then sing some one hundred good all time hits.
        What a catastrophe! And I thought you where deep brother, you have my answer with another dilemma right there in the comment and you can´t be able do desipher it?
        Lets get rolling Mr. Ohri bowling get your brain in place, don´t jump up to conclusions cause you only say elusions.HAHHAHH. Stay Frosty chief.

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