Stupid Comments on my Facebook Wall

You have made stupid comments on my Facebook wall
I have disliked intensely and deleted all
Please take note and in the future refrain
In case of doubt kindly exercise restraint

You have shared too many photos that revealed your soul
We know what you are thinking even before it is told
You have tried to conform and tried too hard to fit
Online troll you may cease and desist

Too many poems, too much fun
Too little work, not enough done
Go back to work, and meet us at the corner again
Drink up your imagined online poetic pain

Any comment Any word you put in the past
Is designed to perpetually last
Till one day it will be used as Evidence-La Prevue
To implicate and emotionally comprise you

Thus by definition on Facebook anything you write
Is stupid dy definition of course it is not right
Friends dont store and share your comments with the spies
Friends dont wait and watch and utter lies


Author: Ajay Ohri

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