party with friends

At a party with friends, there was one more guy in the room

Pretending to be funny, sociable, and singing out of tune

Trying too hard and trying too little to be nice

Friendship is a virtue but faking it is a vice

Pretty girl with nice nose talks to funny boy with the thin neck

Music is moving on ,people settle down in familiar roles

Or in comfortable places where everybody knows each other’s first name

Except for the boys playing scrabble because  they prefer words to playing ball

People get drunk but we are all among friends here

Including the guy who passes gas which everyone ignores

The guy who stares at the phone while pretending to having fun

The geeks, the happily domesticated, the single ones

At the party on a Friday

Waiting for A ghost to come

And bring us all back to life

At best before Sunday night

Author: Ajay Ohri

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