Dear Mr Zimmerman

Dear Mr Zimmerman give me me some hope

I only want to eat my skittles in peace

Dear Mr Policeman are you sure I will be safe

I only want to sit beneath these trees

Dear Mr Zimmerman when you stepped out of your car

I didnt get the chance to say how good you are

I was such a nobody before you shot me

And the now the President thinks I am a star

Dear Mr Zimmerman when your time does come

I hope you guys make it to heaven after all

Dear Mr Policeman Dear Mr Zimmerman

I would like to ask you why you shot a kid small

Dear Mr Zimmerman  I know it too late to say

if only we could only get along

Dear Mr Zimmerman I guess we have to

wait to finish this song

Dear Mr Zimmerman you wre just trying to keep the hood safe

I hope God blesses you for you didnt know it all

Dear Mr Zimmerman I am not sure if you thought it all

I guess I wont be eating Skittles this fall

Author: Ajay Ohri

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