Ulysses goes to the Gardens

I am sitting besides a pool of water

With playful children with watchful adults

The water splashes louder

Than the rookie practising piano

I am surrounded by nature artificially resusciated

By the same technologists that strangle nature at first

The middle of cow town The heart of oil town

Where pondering poets are essentially tourist clowns

I am looked at by people with pale faces

People of various races People who belong

Wondering who is that man besides the pool

Writing his words as if practicing the piano

Ulysses walked into the gardens in the middle of a mall

And said something doesnt compute tis summer this fall

Ulyssies looked up and down wandered through the town

And the ensuing puzzles could only make Ulysses frown —

Who pays for these high walls these wall mounted cameras secure

Who pays for the people blissfully frolicking on the river shore

Ulysses could not answer Ulysses could only think

And that is when he rose , if briefly, for another drink —

Author: Ajay Ohri


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