Once there was rabbit
He was a merry soul
To multiply his carrot seed
Was his solitary goal

Till the rabbit met his match
Found a lady who was quite a catch
Only thing she was a cute kitten
But rabbit by now was hopelessly smitten

Rabbit proposed Kitten disposed
Heartbroken Rabbit found wine a repose
Till he discovered the Rabbit’s Internet
After that that bunny was hard to get-

Writing dreadful poems on the air
Rabbit thought he could forget the kitten somewhere
But cute kittens have a malicious way
In your memory they will somehow stay

Till one day Rabbit went to the other side
He turned Gay and joined Gay Pride
Now cute bunnies curse the kitten for the loss
While Rabbit enjoys being Gay without a pause

(Based on an UnTrue Story)

Author: Ajay Ohri


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