la blonde dans la peinture rouge

La blonde dans la peinture rouge

I am sorry, forgive me, I never meant to be rude

I am trying to learn french and I am trying to partake art

I am making websites for free trying to make friends for a start

I see inspired artists I think I care

I see great art and I begin to stare

I see young candles in the wind and I see too much

I just see from a distance and I dont want to touch

Not willing to lose my cynical neutrality

Not willing to compromise my eventual mortality

I am not an artist though I like them all

Today I like la blonde dans la peinture rouge most of all.




Every Time I Shave I Get Into Trouble

Every time I shave I get into trouble
It starts with people looking at me bit longer
It begins with people saying I am cute
Then they start smiling at me more often

Then they pretend my jokes are funny
Then they say I am amazing
Lo and behold we are soon eating lunch
More dates follow and I am changing my Facebook Status again

Till they got bored with the old man inside
Till they get hmm with the brains that I hide
Till my nose no longer fascinates
Every time I shave I get into trouble


So many but only so much

so many choices to be made
so many options to be feared
only so much baggage I can carry
only so many time the heart can parry

so much trouble in my past
so many days I forgot I would last
only so much goodness still there that is free
only so many people who still believe in me

so many poems so much prose
so many stories so much code
only so much time we have left
only so many talents we have as gifts

so many girls so few are ladylike
so many hot irons so few to strike
only so much patience we have in mind
only so much karma can forgive behind

so many choices what I forgot what to say
so many ways to while my today
only so much things I can say aloud
only so much capacity for words profound

so many cliches all rolled up at once
so many metaphors to confuse the dunce
only so much skills I got
only so much oh no what I forgot




The games I play

The games I play

With my mind today

Could safely consign me

To a loony bin anyway

The women who smiled

on the bus when it got late

She was a trap for me

For me she was bait

The man reading his

newspaper on the train

looked vaguely familair

or am I just insane

The disturbance in my wifi

In my computer in my mobile

Is the government watching me

or is it the Bad Guys

Some of the games I play

When I get bored with the world around

Some of the ways I make things interesting

In this planet I found

Some of my crazy poetry

Some of my mediocre prose

Some of my clever code

Something I thought too  loud