Good Morning Gorgeous

Good night sleepy head. Love you lots
we are a great team. We have a great future
Great relationships need smooth communication
Everything is great. Glad we talked.

How hard is that to do. Honestly.
I think that’s a good idea
I will encourage you not nag.
I will discuss, not fight.

I will pull you closer, not push you away.
I will love you good times, and bad.
Please believe me.
I want you to be happy.

And to love yourself as I do
I am just scared I guess.
I was needing some reassurance
you told me to get some sleep.

So I will. Later Hun
We had an amazing day.
only thing that would make it better
waking up to your beautiful face

I’m missing you like crazy
I can’t wait for work to get over
I hope you smile when you read this
Good Morning, Gorgeous.

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ps- We Love You

Author: Ajay Ohri

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