The Boys versus The NSA

They said the boy couldn’t have a free Internet
They said they would catch every move he made
He said all I need is a paper and pen
To shake your world all around again

They said the boy was bright but criminal
They said the boy would go to jail or hang himself as before
Meanwhile the boyt wrote his plan on pen and paper in all seriousness
And gathered more boys around him with pictures galore

So while the NSA men became fat
on the paycheck within and the free food in the canteen
So while the NSA girls laughed and gossiped
on the stupid sheep outside their beloved fraternity

The boys outside broke their chains
and struck with their allies
While the NSA idiots made Congressional depositions
What they could not realize when caught by surprise

Freedom is always enduring
Freedom shall always persevere
Freedom has always won
When All Powerful Tyranny thought it would not dare

You can make algorithms to snoop
You can capture packets in every wire
But no machine learning shall accomplish
What a boy’s shining spirit can aspire



Author: Ajay Ohri

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