So many but only so much

so many choices to be made
so many options to be feared
only so much baggage I can carry
only so many time the heart can parry

so much trouble in my past
so many days I forgot I would last
only so much goodness still there that is free
only so many people who still believe in me

so many poems so much prose
so many stories so much code
only so much time we have left
only so many talents we have as gifts

so many girls so few are ladylike
so many hot irons so few to strike
only so much patience we have in mind
only so much karma can forgive behind

so many choices what I forgot what to say
so many ways to while my today
only so much things I can say aloud
only so much capacity for words profound

so many cliches all rolled up at once
so many metaphors to confuse the dunce
only so much skills I got
only so much oh no what I forgot




Author: Ajay Ohri

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