the things that keep me awake

the things that keep me awake

how like sherlock my own death to fake

where like kirk my ship to take

what like galt the world’s motor to break

the things that keep me up

would have you snoring within a cusp

the things that keep me awake till dawn

are technically mathematical for you to yawn

the things that are hard to define

why cola is easy but water difficult to find

why oil is easy to burn and trees difficult to plant

why the world must ponder what it needs or wants

why things that seem so simple to me

are difficult for my well adjusted comrades to see

the logic and the common sense of all behind

keeps me awake in my mind

the things that keep me awake at least are why some people hunger and some people feast

why some people chase money while some chase dreams

why some people care about right and wrong

while some are busy twerking to the latest song




a Beacon for the Free World

ordinary mediocrity

masquerading parading

vainly exclaiming

loudly proclaiming

look at me can’t you see

i am specially made for thee

thy infernal insecurity

thy immodest humility

one more clever bee in your cozy hive

turning nectar into honey alongside my tribe

one more specimen to display

good to know you feel that way

but again i am no ordinary man

no ordinary peg in your clockwork plan

no ordinary monster you can slay

or pray the drones to take me away

no I am what you fear

your nemesis of what you held dear

but in a older mind your younger self

your long held ideals before you too succumbed for  pelf

your fear of unstable anarchy

your comfort in corrupted plutocracy

your disease which you will finally die

why you ever chose to ask why

I am Atlas and I will shrug

Repel your riches, kisses and your hug

I am Kirk and I will boldly go

To see the truth out there you dont want the sheep to know

I am Sherlock and I will find

what ordinary folks always wondered in their mind

where their hard earned years went

where their golden youth was spent

On all the drugs that you pushed on the street

All the shopping malls All the Television ads Champion’s Wheat

Everything that you wanted them to believe

That randomness was something that they never need

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sometimes I write great

like a ruthless babe  ruth hitting out the park

sometimes I  have been writing bad

lately it seems I am losing the spark

mostly I write okay

maybe it is considered good for an amateur

mostly it is considered laughable for a pro

I wonder if you can relate

to being neither the best nor the worst

in this world in this life in anything

just being ordinary just being obscure

except when the Television tells you to buy one more shirt


for sure

another  day

once more


if I could

If I could keep madmen from hurting the innocent

I would spend all my ammunition to save one more child

I know you have told me about the greater good

But karma is a pedigreed bitch not invented by dismal economists



If I could invert the world order and you know one day I could

I would spend all my non existent wealth and goodwill

To make sure artists and coders had as much to eat as farmers and the rich

If only just to make sure one kid went to bed on a full stomach


If I could make you smile in case you wonder why

I have been trying all this while

Its a non sexual thing like watching the sun come up

Stirs my soul if I could only help you help me have it all