a Beacon for the Free World

ordinary mediocrity

masquerading parading

vainly exclaiming

loudly proclaiming

look at me can’t you see

i am specially made for thee

thy infernal insecurity

thy immodest humility

one more clever bee in your cozy hive

turning nectar into honey alongside my tribe

one more specimen to display

good to know you feel that way

but again i am no ordinary man

no ordinary peg in your clockwork plan

no ordinary monster you can slay

or pray the drones to take me away

no I am what you fear

your nemesis of what you held dear

but in a older mind your younger self

your long held ideals before you too succumbed for  pelf

your fear of unstable anarchy

your comfort in corrupted plutocracy

your disease which you will finally die

why you ever chose to ask why

I am Atlas and I will shrug

Repel your riches, kisses and your hug

I am Kirk and I will boldly go

To see the truth out there you dont want the sheep to know

I am Sherlock and I will find

what ordinary folks always wondered in their mind

where their hard earned years went

where their golden youth was spent

On all the drugs that you pushed on the street

All the shopping malls All the Television ads Champion’s Wheat

Everything that you wanted them to believe

That randomness was something that they never need

(inspored by the code at https://github.com/hmason/randomness_beacon )

Screenshot from 2013-09-28 21:13:28

Author: Ajay Ohri


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