Sorry Dad, but I can’t vote for the BJP

I am sorry Dad, but I cant vote for the BJP. I know Congress has corruption scandals, and Rahul Gandhi doesnt really impress despite being the fourth generation Prime Minister descended from Motilal Nehru’s loins. I know BJP had a better growth rate and lower corruption when they were in power in the centre. But they also had a Kargil War, the hostages in Kandahar and Tehelka Scandal.

Dad- I dont care much about temples in Ayodhya but I dont like when Muslims were burnt in Gujarat. Murder is murder- and Modi got away with it. BJP was voted out of power in Delhi because of onions price remember. It would be ironic to vote for them because onions are expensive again. I mean I have heard of Banana Republics, but we are not an onion republic are we…

I dont think Nitin Gadkari impresses me on BJP ‘s honesty and I remember BJP’s president Laxman was caught on camera accepting bribe by Tehelka. yes Dad I remember things…

So this gives me two choices- either I reject all candidates, or I vote for AAP. Rejecting all candidates while has a nice symbolic value is just the same mathematically as not voting as all. I still havent made up my mind about AAP. They say power corrupts, and I am unsure if Mr Kejriwal’s ego can understand his own limitations- even though he was a honest IRS officer.

So Dad- I dont know who I will vote for. But I wont vote for the BJP.


Love you Dad,


Yuvaraj Singh

In and Out

All out of poetry
All jaded by love
All faded by smiles
All wet from rain above

All out of clever words
All out of rhyme
All out of spin the tale
All out of time

All in cynical bemusement
All in on life
All in on living each day
All in my stride

All in on never giving up
All out trying to be obscure
All in to my stupid mediocrity
All out of score



What Ifs

What if God was just a clever programmer

What if cause and effect and karma was true

and we were all God’s Goddamn Goldfish

Everything is related to Everything you do

What if life was just a dream

Induced by the latest drug they managed to put on the store

What if we were programmed to do exactly

Including wondering if there was really more

What if the Internet was a drug they invented

to keep you living and producing for your masters above

What if there was no better future

And no peace and no chance for love

What if there were only a series of What ifs

To keep the Goldfish alive and entertained

What if poetry was just a lie they told you

To satiate and even relieve when you are  pained


Cryptic or Quick

i am a mediocre man maquerading

i am a poor patriot parading

my foolish pride my crazy ride

my perception of the eternal run and hide

still i lay back with feigned nonchalance

duck down deep ride roaring turbulence

hoping luck karma and serendipity balance and cancel each other out

i could have been a firefighter but deep down i will still be a boy scout

troubled and plagued with insecurities and fears

cover ups and spinning cities and hatch jobs and smears

all threaten and overwhelm the silver linings of my computer cloud

did you get the message yet or do I decrypt the silly verse  profound


you are not so bad as you think you are

you are not so bad as you think you are

you are not so sad as you think you could be

in the spectrum of humanity that you are existing

you are at neither extreme of the distribution tree

somewhere in the middle between greatness and average  mediocrity

you find yourself and think is this really me

you are not so bad as you think you are

you will never know how  great you could have been