Poetry and Code

a daily habit, my addiction to verse

all alone now, with ether I converse

I throw pebbles skipping across the cyber sea

Hoping someone is watching and can save me

from droll existence to morbid obscurity

from deep deliverance to shallow insecurity

to balance practical reality my daily  quest

how to counter superficial intellects best

without losing my temper my humor or sway

remorseless bullshit tsunami blows this way

I can think and write and can write poems too

What does that say about me to you

I am not a genius for these verse will never sell a T shirt

I am stubborn and can keep going on with the spurt

if code is poetry then is poetry code for some

out with the red wine, bring forth the rum

lets us drink and be merry with soda water

then repent on twitter the morning  after

an inelegant language but blessed with pomp

Lucy with Diamonds trumps Ruby as Rails at every romp

Poets can be coders and Coders can be poets too

and Algebra can be taught to each one of you


Author: Ajay Ohri


Any comments?

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