Something seems wrong

is it something wrong with the universe today
has a thread in the space time fabric been ripped away
or it is just me and how I feel this way
is it a conspiracy to ruin my day

in the morning the sun seemed fine
by the evening it seemed stars will refuse to shine
lady luck sure turns her back swiftly away
people leave at the exact point i want them to stay

this is the law of Murphy or is just karma amok
I have done something wrong but I cant turn back the clock
I wish I could wish another day would come soon
And promise me less surprises than those since noon

I am writing a poem and I feel deja vu
Have I said these words before to you
If so I apologize I am feeling a bit off track
For hard boiled eggs inevitably crack

I had a rough day and I hope you relate
I wanted a smooth day but I guess it was fate
I wanted to think something clever to end this verse
But today is the day things go from good to worse


Author: Ajay Ohri

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