Sorry Dad, but I can’t vote for the BJP

I am sorry Dad, but I cant vote for the BJP. I know Congress has corruption scandals, and Rahul Gandhi doesnt really impress despite being the fourth generation Prime Minister descended from Motilal Nehru’s loins. I know BJP had a better growth rate and lower corruption when they were in power in the centre. But they also had a Kargil War, the hostages in Kandahar and Tehelka Scandal.

Dad- I dont care much about temples in Ayodhya but I dont like when Muslims were burnt in Gujarat. Murder is murder- and Modi got away with it. BJP was voted out of power in Delhi because of onions price remember. It would be ironic to vote for them because onions are expensive again. I mean I have heard of Banana Republics, but we are not an onion republic are we…

I dont think Nitin Gadkari impresses me on BJP ‘s honesty and I remember BJP’s president Laxman was caught on camera accepting bribe by Tehelka. yes Dad I remember things…

So this gives me two choices- either I reject all candidates, or I vote for AAP. Rejecting all candidates while has a nice symbolic value is just the same mathematically as not voting as all. I still havent made up my mind about AAP. They say power corrupts, and I am unsure if Mr Kejriwal’s ego can understand his own limitations- even though he was a honest IRS officer.

So Dad- I dont know who I will vote for. But I wont vote for the BJP.


Love you Dad,


Yuvaraj Singh

Author: Ajay Ohri

2 thoughts on “Sorry Dad, but I can’t vote for the BJP”

  1. i think you are masochistic . If you know that growth rates were high under BJP govt and with all the scandals of UPA and Congress, the very fact that you are still naive enough to not know how much propaganda has been created around the guj riots (as if that was the only riots in the history of India and as if all riots since independence happened under BJP rule,dude they werent even in power for more than 5 years!) disqualifies you as an intelligent voter. What do you mean by saying Kargil happened under BJP, did India provoke pakistan, its like saying 1971 war was because of indira Gandhi. You are not only naive but also lack basic facts. To expect you to think above all of this paid media stuff is to expect an elephant to dance i guess. Btw during kandahar hijack, there were umpteen passengers on that flight, if your relative was there on that flight and BJP had allowed the flight to be bombed saying that they are not goong to release the terrorists, you wouldnt be writing this today. Get a life and get your facts right.

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