I am dying

I am dying of a lack of hugs
In a country full of silent nods and shrugs
I am surrounded by people who act so warm
Yet to be honest I have never been colder

I am dying of a lack of oxygen
There is so much smoke and dust in the air
Yet If I ask someone they say
This is progress and we are doing much better now

I am dying of a lack of truth
From newspapers bought by corporations
To news selling soft porn and entertainment
Politics is the game of the season since cricket just got over

I am dying due a lack of life
I need a vacation to get away
From the dozens of kids begging in the cold every day
To the dozens of white flesh offered at a discount my way

I am dying I think I have never lived
I am an Indian by Birth a Frenchman by thought
An American by speech A Canadian by temperament
I am a human, but they dont give passports to humans yet


Another Try

do you get scared and do you wonder
when people who love you leave you after getting hurt
do you say I cant believe this is happening to me again
do you shake your head in stoic resignation and mock pain

do you make a silly joke and say
i always wanted to be a quarter back,
but all I got was a nickel for life
do you put your music on high

do you break down in a corner and cry
do you date on the rebound and live another lie
do you smile and on the internet while away your time
or do you read and write poetry hoping for another try

Been There Done That

I have to borrow a cliche
Been there Done that
Lived the life of an irresponsible brat
Partied until dawn with the brotherhood frat

Married the girl I danced with
Had a son the prettiest in the world
But it was not enough I had to forsake that
Write my books and poetry to be a greater fool when I die

For what is life but a dream in ether
And what is death but a metaphor for something we cant see
I have been there and I have done it all
Made tech startups from big to small

I am out of challenges tired of entertaining
The old society ladies or the young girls preening
The guys stealing thoughts from my brain leaking
The boys sharpening their claws on my head streaking

Lived loved laughed and cried
Chanted my name the crowds surprised
Been there Done that
I am now bored and nothing can cure me


I wish I could die
I wish I could cry
I wish I could finish this poem
But the words wont oblige

I pray to the God of Love
But I get an out of office reply
I wish I could end this habit of ending the sentence
with a word that rhymes with sigh

Now you see my state of mind
Worries overwhelm the mediocrity behind
I tried hard to be a genius but they laughed and said nice try
You think I am joking well my friend this is no lie

This is way things stand this is state of my life
Random thoughts in random cafes while pretending to supply
Stochastic deterministic-ism in a chaotic world all right
Have I bored you enough or shall one more stanza once more unto the breech try

Nah you realize I am just writing these rhymes
To purge my mind of all my crimes in my times
Of letting go gracelessly the things I should have never touched
Of breaking things without trying to set them right

Too deep now or too shallow these words apply
I dont care I have no fear I am just living one more lie
You live only once Only once shall we die
But in the interval voila we sure shall strive

They told me I should not rhyme
They told me get a job
They told me poetry wont pay for your child
They grimaced while I sobbed

Now once more they think they need me again
Forget and forgive and forsake my pain
Relax my body and calm my brain
Enjoy the absurdity with nary a refrain

Five I s

I am tired I feel used
I have been running like a dog
I am whining I am noisy
Squeaky like a cog

I feel ashamed I feel slighted
I have  been used like a whore
I am  down and up and blighted
I have been to this place before

I feel lonely I am all alone
This is my state of mind
I feel perturbed and I am disturbed
No peace shall I find

I recover I remind
This place is still owned by kin of mine
I am reassured I am home
Its not perfect but I will be just fine