I wish I could die
I wish I could cry
I wish I could finish this poem
But the words wont oblige

I pray to the God of Love
But I get an out of office reply
I wish I could end this habit of ending the sentence
with a word that rhymes with sigh

Now you see my state of mind
Worries overwhelm the mediocrity behind
I tried hard to be a genius but they laughed and said nice try
You think I am joking well my friend this is no lie

This is way things stand this is state of my life
Random thoughts in random cafes while pretending to supply
Stochastic deterministic-ism in a chaotic world all right
Have I bored you enough or shall one more stanza once more unto the breech try

Nah you realize I am just writing these rhymes
To purge my mind of all my crimes in my times
Of letting go gracelessly the things I should have never touched
Of breaking things without trying to set them right

Too deep now or too shallow these words apply
I dont care I have no fear I am just living one more lie
You live only once Only once shall we die
But in the interval voila we sure shall strive

They told me I should not rhyme
They told me get a job
They told me poetry wont pay for your child
They grimaced while I sobbed

Now once more they think they need me again
Forget and forgive and forsake my pain
Relax my body and calm my brain
Enjoy the absurdity with nary a refrain

Author: Ajay Ohri


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