Been There Done That

I have to borrow a cliche
Been there Done that
Lived the life of an irresponsible brat
Partied until dawn with the brotherhood frat

Married the girl I danced with
Had a son the prettiest in the world
But it was not enough I had to forsake that
Write my books and poetry to be a greater fool when I die

For what is life but a dream in ether
And what is death but a metaphor for something we cant see
I have been there and I have done it all
Made tech startups from big to small

I am out of challenges tired of entertaining
The old society ladies or the young girls preening
The guys stealing thoughts from my brain leaking
The boys sharpening their claws on my head streaking

Lived loved laughed and cried
Chanted my name the crowds surprised
Been there Done that
I am now bored and nothing can cure me

Author: Ajay Ohri

Any comments?

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