I am dying

I am dying of a lack of hugs
In a country full of silent nods and shrugs
I am surrounded by people who act so warm
Yet to be honest I have never been colder

I am dying of a lack of oxygen
There is so much smoke and dust in the air
Yet If I ask someone they say
This is progress and we are doing much better now

I am dying of a lack of truth
From newspapers bought by corporations
To news selling soft porn and entertainment
Politics is the game of the season since cricket just got over

I am dying due a lack of life
I need a vacation to get away
From the dozens of kids begging in the cold every day
To the dozens of white flesh offered at a discount my way

I am dying I think I have never lived
I am an Indian by Birth a Frenchman by thought
An American by speech A Canadian by temperament
I am a human, but they dont give passports to humans yet


Author: Ajay Ohri


2 thoughts on “I am dying”

  1. The irony of this poem- in which you (presumably) decry “politics” as the “game of the season”- is that you go on to debase poetry itself by masquerading a political statement as a “poem.” The piece needs editing for logical continuity.

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