New Year Resolutions for 2014 in Poetry

First be more mature while on Facebook
Applies to your photogenic self of course

Second be more kind to ex wife and child
While expecting and enduring their frustrations with you

Thirdly write the book
Make that Third to Fifth – write the damn book

Sixth make more money
Honestly Steadily Regularly

Fourthly – ha – you forgot I am inclined statistically
Go visit family abroad in Canada which means work on Items three and six

Fifthly be more kind to yourself your planet and all species on it
That you are enduring you endure together

Seventh-ly be more clear and concise in writing
Avoid cheekiness while not avoiding spell check some more
No one can have enough spell check in their life

Eighth-ly Love Selflessly and Be nice
No one can be too nice too much too soon in their life

Ninth-Avoid addictions
Like ethanol, gaming, sleeping aids and superficial relationships

Tenth- Be well in health
For be well in spirit and all else follows

Eleventh- Be at least as good at goodbye’s
As you are at hi’s

The Anonymous Indian

Hidden securely between the rushing crowds
The noisy traffic and the corrupt leaders
The anonymous Indian hides his genius
and mediocrity equally well

Always remaining polite to Eastern
Traditions of Hospitality
Always remaining rude to traffic
On pot holed roads built by corrupt contractors

Crossing children begging in the cold
Meeting his EMIs on time
Hoping his child clears those exams in time
The Anonymous Indian

wishes for a day and age
he need not remain anonymous
just for the sake of survival
but as a matter of choice



Of a disease called Life

The Doctor says the tumor is benign

Still I know

It will get me in the end

Running out

of cliches

To impress people and readers and search engines

Till I decided to make

Some cliches of my own


My eyes and part of my face

Under a blue baseball hat


I dont care

But do I still


Fake Full Poetry

I love to write poetry
Even at my best
I can be mediocre and clever
Faking till I am making it
What was it
I don’t know

You hurt people
People hurt you
At different times
for different crimes
for different rhymes

I am impatient I guess
to know the reason
why the hell am I here
why do I think like this
what can be done

They told me take these pills
They told me to smile
They told me and I listened
Now I am telling
But guess who is listening?



Leaving Las Poetry

I am too tired to write poetry
You see I got a new lifestyle
Dress up to earn some money
Dress down to have some fun

I am growing my hair to hide my bald spot
I am taking dance classes to reduce the beer gut
I am playing video games to stay sharp and positive
Anything to take my mind of my grief

I apologized to all the people I was rude to
Some forgave most did not because I can be very rude
I have multiple irons in the fire and I pray to multiple Gods
I am hedging and diversifying my financial and spiritual portfolio

At the end of the day
I am to tired to wrote poetry
I ask myself whether the money was worth sacrificing the poems for
and I see my estranged son’s photo and say yes it is yes it will be

Kid Kush will grow up some day
He already has glasses at age six
We will send him to Harvard so he can be a better snob than me
Or to Yale or  any other place we were too poor to go in our lifetime

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