50 Shades of Spamming You

Some sell you bridges in Nigeria
Some give millions in Iraq
Some say hey remember me
Some use your social media data to personalize

Some say lets us exchange links
Some say hey my newsletter and webinar are free
All say they will make you happy
No one says why they entered my inbox in the first place

So you click a link in the human kindness
Only to find you were just another fish

That got spear phished
Here is the Fifty First Way of Spamming

This poet got scammed, ripped and rammed
So he wrote a semi fictional semi erotic novel

Posted it for free for everyone to see
Here is the link for the curious bee

I wrote an actual Canadian -Indo love story
It is called A Facebook Love Story

If despite the message above
You managed to click the link above and read

Dont blame me or yourself
It is just human nature

how we want to trust
In the tedium of daily mediocrity and mundanity

Some online free entertainment
from a distant withered anonymous tree

Author: Ajay Ohri


Any comments?

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