This Day

I wake up everyday hoping to seize the day
Barely an hour has passed before I have been seized instead
By daily mundanity, profound verbosity, boring familiarity
Ennui and Inertia make an intoxicating cocktail indeed

My dreams are still wet from the night before
My eyes are still dry from the days before
I think I will get down and write my epic manuscript today
Yet more garbage flows through these fingers than I care to admit

So let us be gentle on ourself the day has just begun
Lest our negative insecurity drown our optimistic talent
Even before it has taken it wings and tried
and lets spend one more day

In the pursuit of mediocrity that keeps us alive warm and happy
For genius extracts a tool it’s pound of flesh on those who seek it’s holy cup
Let us spend one more day on this lonesome rock under the stars
One more day to persuade and delay the inevitable


Author: Ajay Ohri

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