The story of Emma – a children’s tale

once there was king and once there was queen


they had a lovely daughter named Emma


Emma was a very sweet princess


one day Emma got lost in the forest


there she met a handsome man called Rupert


they fell in love


Rupert was a wood cutter


so Emma and Rupert set up house in the forest


Rupert often asked Emma is she missed her old home


but Emma was happy with Rupert


and in time they had a lovely son called Robert, whom they called Bobby


one day Bobby was playing in the woods when he chanced upon a group of soldiers


the soldiers asked Bobby where he got the chain he was wearing


Bobby said, my mom gave it to me, and her mom gave it to her


The soldiers said, hurrah, we have found the lost princess Emma


soon the king and queen visited their daughter Emma


at first Emma did not want to go back


but the King knighted Rupert and made him a minister in his kingdom


the Queen told Emma how a royal education would be good for Bobby


So the king and queen returned to their kingdom, with Emma, Sir Rupert and Prince Bobby


and they lived happily ever after

Author: Ajay Ohri

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