daddy warned us

the damage that loving fathers do
to innocent boys who worship their words
by nudging and pushing and manipulating and whispering

laconic ironic catatonic iconic
these words those words this time that time
why do I feel so mad bad sad all the time

guilt and shame and regret and pain
happiness is a quest the journey the goal
all the time daddy warned on challenges future would hold


Poetry’s loss is Engineering’s gain
Time spent writing code is time not writing poems
Or actually some pretend code is poetry
and some try to pass poetry as code

Insert bullshit here
Below the hypocrisy
the falsehoods and the lies
polished and shinned to perfection

Do not be evil
If evil do not admit
If caught then blame the government
Else you wont be able to afford the jet plane to fall out of

This is the story of my life
What did not kill me made me stronger
The women we loved and the women we lost
I have run out of clich├ęs do you want some more

and yet they have managed to pique your interest
these random lines thrown across the ether
connecting to the hive mind
writing the mythology for the days to come

Pseudo randomness in my eyes
Pseudo predictability in your lies
Pseudo because reality bites too hard
Pseudo because sugared water sells more

What you call justified
The means to an ends
I call bullshit
but I have no flag to throw anymore

The Memo

did you not get the memo here once more to the breach it is
what is your goal your vision your purpose your authority
what exactly are you doing here how can we buy you out
the lad is a poet we sniggered and then realized we could use you

you have been deemed a national disaster a cockney from lancaster
we are going to put you on the no fry list just wait and see
we are going to put you on the no cry list just let it be
you are threat to our established order of boredom and ennui and profit

bureaucrats and politicians and mandarins and rulers and spies
all thinking they know what is best for me even before I have thought it
writing non linear rhymes with calloused hands and a golden glove
jaded eyes but that’s our boy on Prozac who needs to be advised and told

you think too much you speak too loud you write weird shit
you dont really fit in isnt that apparent to you by now
so why try and why not shrug of all the negativity we send you instead of your self experiments on randomness
just be yourself and at peace with your pain and emotions and that should ease us too




Opposites Attract
but Similarity Distracts
We get bored by the old
We love what is new

We regret when things are gone
We hope when we don’t know
They say we are most intelligent species ever
, but it doesn’t really show

The brightness in a young boy’s eyes
the pitch of a young girls’s giggle
The darkness in an old man’s eyes
the wail of an old woman’s grief

To obey is to just follow orders and march
To rebel is to ignore and question what you are told
Democracy means the power to protest and do nothing
Tyranny means hold your silence till the revolution

The night can be gloomy
The night can be full of silver moon so bright
The day is full of light as usual
The day is full of dust on the road

The morning can bring despair
The morning can bring you hope and cheer
The evening can be refreshing and clear
When all birds pause flying to go home

These are the opposites
The costs and the benefits
The tradeoffs among the schemes
The logical fallacies and the paradoxical dilemmas

This is life so short
There is death yet eternal
There are meetings and there are parties
There are birthdays and there are funerals

For every man trying to sell the world
Stand ten others whose world is already sold
For every warm breath looking for a hug
Lie ten others below the ground cold

(Photography by Oleg Dou)

Write Write

rush rush my hands from one task to another
hush hush my heart from one trouble to the other
what is this life if not a series of bother
but its better to be alive than to be a boring elder brother

write write my soul commands my fingers to move
sing sing my head commands my throat to groove
sleep sleep forever, my devils, command me to soothe
fight fight my dear, my angels command me too

this this too shall pass
we were built to last
tomorrow will be another day
inching towards our way

once more they sound the horn
in the old manor we were born
in this melancholy sunset hour
we purge our brain with one more poetic flower