Douche Bag Poet

There is a gun in my mouth
But it is pointed out
They call my tongue barbed wire
I am a mercenary poet for hire

It seems there are advantages
To being economical in bringing the hurt
A few choice words and a turn of phrase
Lordy forgive my creative burst

I thrive on sarcasm
I sneer when I smile
I dont know how I got here
I guess I have been here for some while

I am a douche bag
when I am not being rude
I am an arsehole
when I am not in the mood

I can take away pleasure
I can suck the happiness in your brain
When cornered for an apology
In future I say I will refrain

I blame my pills
I blame my drink
I blame my past
I blame everything

I am trying to be nice
I am trying to be wise
I hope it was worth a try
I hope I didnt waste your time


Author: Ajay Ohri

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