She says He Says

She says I am a great personality
Trust me I need you not your money tree
Care for me and love me but I will keep my options free
Work for me for free and I will take care of you till eternity

He says I am an ordinary person and so are you
Trust my brain and I will make you money with you
Care for me but do not pretend to love me because I know I am an option to you
Be my friend for free and I will be loyal to you

She says no you don’t understand my demand
Why can’t you just obey my command
Why do you have to question and reprimand
Sit down and show me your magic wand

He says laughing out loudly wild
I may be younger but I am not your child
When you try and swindle me if but for a while
Its no longer funny but I will continue to smile


Author: Ajay Ohri

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