The Memo

did you not get the memo here once more to the breach it is
what is your goal your vision your purpose your authority
what exactly are you doing here how can we buy you out
the lad is a poet we sniggered and then realized we could use you

you have been deemed a national disaster a cockney from lancaster
we are going to put you on the no fry list just wait and see
we are going to put you on the no cry list just let it be
you are threat to our established order of boredom and ennui and profit

bureaucrats and politicians and mandarins and rulers and spies
all thinking they know what is best for me even before I have thought it
writing non linear rhymes with calloused hands and a golden glove
jaded eyes but that’s our boy on Prozac who needs to be advised and told

you think too much you speak too loud you write weird shit
you dont really fit in isnt that apparent to you by now
so why try and why not shrug of all the negativity we send you instead of your self experiments on randomness
just be yourself and at peace with your pain and emotions and that should ease us too



Author: Ajay Ohri

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