Poetry’s loss is Engineering’s gain
Time spent writing code is time not writing poems
Or actually some pretend code is poetry
and some try to pass poetry as code

Insert bullshit here
Below the hypocrisy
the falsehoods and the lies
polished and shinned to perfection

Do not be evil
If evil do not admit
If caught then blame the government
Else you wont be able to afford the jet plane to fall out of

This is the story of my life
What did not kill me made me stronger
The women we loved and the women we lost
I have run out of clichés do you want some more

and yet they have managed to pique your interest
these random lines thrown across the ether
connecting to the hive mind
writing the mythology for the days to come

Pseudo randomness in my eyes
Pseudo predictability in your lies
Pseudo because reality bites too hard
Pseudo because sugared water sells more

What you call justified
The means to an ends
I call bullshit
but I have no flag to throw anymore

Author: Ajay Ohri

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