nobody can save me now even if they try

it seems so strange it was yesterday I had a full life
but now these days drag on like the end of time
and my love has turned its back on me on the road
no matter how hard I run they tell I am old

and I turned down their thirty silver coins
and I thought this is a jungle we are mountain lions
and when they preached we so wanted to believe
in heaven in redemption immortal soul so deep

and now we smile for what it was just lies
and our gullibility in falling to see
and its time to nuke and its time to kill
die by cop or die by thrill

our creators have all but turned their back
the quarterback of the franchise has just got the sack
they want you to sell more white shirts and penicillin
and you can fight and you can try but never win

time to choose time to die
time to stop caring how our bones will lie
time to stop thinking what songs they will sing
time to kill all the decepticons and all their frills

based on the character of Octavius Prime

Author: Ajay Ohri

Any comments?

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