God has a weird sense of humor

God has a weird sense of humor
Twisted and dark and sometimes a tease
Take for example my quaint modern family
My dad is a cop, but the lad is a poet

Dad was a good cop, now retired he is my bad cop
I was a bad poet, now I think I just don’t care
Each poem, each sentence, typed out carelessly
Poetry is easy and aren’t poets so much cheap

I need an editor, the last one have me a divorce
And I still paying for not reading the fine print
Never begin a sentence with an And she said
Whatever I say, and shrug ahead

I need to write my book, I should be writing my book
I fought with my yoga teacher, I fight with myself now
Too long, so sad, I the coward, will never be truly mad
But we tried, O Lord, to get the joke you played


Author: Ajay Ohri


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