Sin and Saint

I have to tell the truth and I have to write it somewhere before I am done
Sure the hangover kills you with the guilt but sin is much more fun
And God will save your immortal soul and love you till the end
But the Devil and his girls will meet you with a vodka round the bend

I know I shall not their name in vain
but I am taking it in pain
I know I shall never be totally sane
but who says sinners cannot complain

I was listening to a beautiful song by a beautiful gay man
And I tried to think of him as a sinner but no part of him was bad
That is when the Gospel came to me and hit me in my eyes
Religion is more than a spiritual snack to be munched when sad

Jesus said you should love all
Pastor said you may love only some
Music say live and dance forever
I say march to your heart ‘s drum

What you think about God has nothing to do
with what a fellow man has told or wrote for you before
Sing with the sinners and Dance with the saints
A loving and merciful God would not be keeping score


Author: Ajay Ohri

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