Silver Fox Brown Poet

Silver Fox, Silver Fox where have you been

Have you been going to London to obey the Queen.

Silver Fox replies

with golden flecks in green eyes

I have been to New Delhi

to discover and explore

Silver Fox, Silver Fox What did you find?

Did you find nirvana or the snake charmer of the mind

Silver Fox is demure

With her well toned femur

I met a mad poet in a charming cafe

He took me shopping with his brown eyes, What else can I say

Silver Fox Silver Fox report to ground control

Come in Silver Fox and let us know the score

Silver Fox replies

With a twinkle in her eyes

I was too quick and the poet was mildly slow

So the quick silver fox jumped up the brown fence some more

Silver Fox Silver Fox love is dead and done

Poets are a poem a penny said Intel to someone

Silver Fox just smiled

Well I am trying to not get riled

But we are not too old for some more

Even though my legs are now so sore





Author: Ajay Ohri

Any comments?

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