Girl Trouble

When I am not feeling geeky I am acting like  a nerd

When I am not acting creepy I am socially awkward

When not ruminating on my loneliness I am eluding the people behind

When not chasing reflections of pretty women I am chasing dark shadows in my mind


I am a poet and I confess I am not that good

I should have been a corporate slave but I was too proud for the hood

So I sit all day in cafes and write poems as per my mood

This moment a women walked in and for the poetic beast her presence is the smell of food

Whatever interest I provoked in paragraph one, I lost in paragraph two with the reader that’s you

By paragraph three I am struggling to keep you awake and the poem in tune too

This is my dilemma my constant thinking brain needs to purge so stays amusing in this zoo

One more poem by one more lonely man in one more café one another day bleeding blue




Author: Ajay Ohri

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