My friend Inga

my friend inga we met in goa long ago
danced and explored all along sunny goa shore
then for a years we lost touch
sure we tried but inga doesnt facebook much

till in a cafe today i saw
my friend inga eating cake and pizza
we met hugged and chatted on old times
inga reminded me i wrote poetic lines

it was a bit weird but it felt nice
to look up friends with new eyes
inga still has the pretty thin nose
she is east european, my buddy is a rose

we exchanged the phone number
we promised to whatsapp and to always remember
because that is what friends do
they meet and greet and hug and go

i owed inga a t shirt and a poem on her
you can see I am half done on the spur
the t shirt we shall someday have to see
to match a nose yet so pretty


Author: Ajay Ohri

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