That adorable guy

he comes into the empty apartment and turns on the light
he opens the windows to let in the air cold
and though his life is empty and so is his night
he thinks he is a winner though he is growing old

he wanders among the shiny people and through the happy lights
and though they look at him he stops not for a while
for he is done and through with these pretty sights
and he does not have the energy to create another fake smile

though his meter is wrong and his mistakes are plenty
he thinks he is a poet but he makes a living selling stone
and though he crossed into manhood seventeen years ago past twenty
he still cannot tear himself away from his shiny phone

he pops his vitamins and he does his yoga quiet
rolls the covers and lies down for the night
all too soon the sun is up with morning light
and he looks forward to the day and the people bright

Author: Ajay Ohri

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