Meow Kampf

algorithms and data consume my days

poetry and food consume my nights

in between I walk long miles

in between I fake small smiles

I seek and query I help you decide

I make assumptions but for a while

Then I wipe the slate clean and begin again

I keep doing this in a loop infinite for gain

I like it like this and I like it slow

I like to be alone and alone I must know

Sometimes I pretend to be a social butterfly

But why pretend to tell when I know its a lie

I would rather read a book than talk to you

I would rather draw your portrait than say hullo

In case you cannot still understand

Well strange is life and strange is man

In this rambling and never ending verse

I count my blessings and ignore the curse

For what is life without a little give and take

And what is happiness without a little pretense and fake cat

Author: Ajay Ohri

One thought on “Meow Kampf”

  1. Your Poems are unbelievably wonderful.   I love the picture of this cat … I had to give away a cat who looked tabby like this one in your poem picture .. it broke my heart .. where I live they do not allow cats and mean people report you if they see you have a cat or dog for a housemate.

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