Could Have Been Bobbie

I could have been Bobbie Dylan, but my friends were playing a video game

And I couldnt get the band together within the time frame

I could have been Bobbie Kennedy, but they caught me with my pants down

And put it up on Youtube to make me a viral lovable clown

I could have been George Washington, but the age of Heroes has died

It was trademarked to a movie franchise owned by a studio with pride

I could have been George Bush, but my dad was a working man

and he could not pull the money strings and gold pans

I could have been John  Lennon, but  I met Yoko before I met Paul

and she did what she had to do before I reached Carnegie Hall

I could have John McClain, but the terrorists were pretty too

So I left my wife to join them and perform in the New York zoo

I could have been Julius Caesar, but I ended up Nero

I stalled as long as I could, but they don’t give a shit for my kind of Hero

I could have been Julian Assange, but I refused to die my hair white

And it was just lovely how they were hurt by such a slight

I could have been Alan Turing, but I refused to lend them my ball

I refused to eat the apple, and refusal was my fall

I could have been Alan Greenspan, but I chose to speak the truth

I pointed to the stands and hit them like Babe Ruth

I could have been a Brando, I could have been Leo too

I wish I had taken my chances before I signed up for the zoo

Instead I am   Anonymous, I am known by no one

And yet they tell  my dear,    the fun has just begun


Author: Ajay Ohri

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