The Beggars of India

Everyday I see them and wince

They are in the Metro station. There is this guy who says” Give me something for Allah’s Sake. I am hungry. I will eat bread” . He says it loudly and he twisted his hand and wrist to resemble something horrid.

In Connaught Place, they are there. It was renamed to Rajiv Chowk for a progressive and young Prime Minister of India. Some of the most expensive and oldest shops are here. People come here to splurge money.

Beggars come here too. They are deformed with various limbs missing. To combat the beggars, some of the shops put a neatly dressed man with a Tin Can asking for money for research in Cancer. The beggars have competition.

Kids beg. Babies sleep, drugged by cough syrup so their mothers can beg. Babies boost revenue for a beggar. So do hacked limbs.

Beggars of India are a blight on this glorious country and the ancient culture. But we Indians dont like to say it aloud.

Even the foreigners in India watching the beggars have learnt to ignore them. In my culture apathy is infectious even more than Delhi Belly and dengue.

So next time in India if you see a beggar, think about them for 15 seconds.

Author: Ajay Ohri

Any comments?

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