Watching the Terrorist

I am watching a terrorist.

I have a job that is romanticized in the movies and is nothing but drudgery and paper work in real life. I am not even sure if he is really a terrorist. Maybe he just got drunk in the wrong bar or emailed the wrong Congressman. Maybe all he needs is 20 seconds of a hug and 20 grams of Prozac.

But I get paid to follow him. To read his emails. The public pays for me. The public is outraged when it comes to know that it pays for people to follow it. But even if we find a thousand duds, or defuse a hundred terrorists, we expect no forgiveness if we let a single one who was under watch and yet managed to detonate.

Wait, he just came out with a backpack…. will finish this story later. I am still on the clock here.

Author: Ajay Ohri

Any comments?

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