Process Mined

I am learning to mine processes using data and time stamps in a log

Yet I fail to fathom how human brains think and note that down in a blog

I am trying to be a poet when poets are all but dead

I am trying to be a writer but they told me earn your bread

I am trying for the fastest way to get to a woman’s heart

But she told me nice try kid, but you had a late start

I am pretending to be mature, by holding still my lower lip

I must confess, maturity still eludes me and has managed to give me a slip

I am hoping for love and shying away from drama

I am changing the world wearing my cotton pajama

Typing out these words, banging out these keys

Be very afraid, Soon I will be bringing you to your knees

The Duke abides, nay the Dude survives on words

On charity and kind words across ocean by pretty birds

Hold on, is it time to create a new poetry book

Hold my umbrella while I pause to look

Randomly jotting down these verse

Till I come to face with my curse

A clever poet is still mediocre at best

Scared of destruction, creativity found a social media rest

Anon, Agone, Afraid and Alone

A Dog in Winter with  an imaginary Bone

To reassure myself anew

Poets were plenty but are now a few


box plot




Author: Ajay Ohri

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