I should have quit while I was ahead

I should have quit while I was ahead
But I chose to longer till I became the tail
I should have tried to bottle up my craziness
Instead I put it out on the parade and display

For what love has lost and life has lingered
For whatever the history in our past has fingered
We are not too old for this shit and we wont stop trying until
They shake their heads and cross our names and said too bad he is ill

I was the guest of honour but I would rather play the fool on the hill
I could have been a contender but it is an Irish story still
That we knew That we should have coming seen
While we danced with whores we left alone at home our pretty queen

And now aged and balding we regret in a silent room
Mop up the dust and ride our magic broom
I should have been quite while I was still prince charming
Instead I chose to talk until the glaciars melted with warming

I should have quit while I was ahead by a hundred vote
I should have said my goodbyes and left on a good note
But its no use pretending that quitting was never my game
In the unabashed lust to establish my ever lasting fame

So we put up the makeup and gloss and the lipstick to preen
And stood in the market and were voted the Homecoming queen
Till we became unbearably pretentious as a bored teen
And were voted off the ballot never again to be seen

Author: Ajay Ohri


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