Jolly Good Mood Swings

When younger I used

to wonder about these mood swings

Within an hour I was happy and sad

and doing all kind of good and bad things

Within a decade I have learnt

to recognize the signs better you see

Blame the serotonin in my brain

but please don’t blame me

When alone I am horny

with Internet porn I satisfy

My primal instincts alone because

I suck at dating when I try

When in company beautiful

and profound I get awkward

Plenty of fish in the sea

but I am a land borne bird

To cope in the past I abused

alcohol and relationships I mangled a few

To escape to the future  I managed to quit

and forsake the mist for the dew

Now me and my mood swings

have a jolly good time together

We have a mood for every season

no matter how cold or hot this weather



Author: Ajay Ohri

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