Hello Shelly

Hello Shelly how have you been

Is there a reason you have not been lately seen

Hey there Shelly we missed the glow in your amber eyes

We know you are tough as a bulldog but inside you are a surprise

Hello Shelly, are you sleeping well

Is there any reason we can not tell

What your heart wants and what your brain thinks

Why you peck at your food but gulp down your drinks

I am the Poet of Hackers and you could be my muse

I can bend and ask but will you say aye or refuse

We are both not so young anymore better horses we have ridden before

But lets ride off in the sunset for one final score

Me and Shelly we looked so good together in the Sunday shade

Hello Shelly, How long before the magic fades

Hello Shelly, Give it one more shot

Hello Shelly, I am your food for thought



Author: Ajay Ohri


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