Need to Know

We need to know what you knew from before

When you came to know that it was one big show

When we share and share information we will

We are sorry it will only be on a need to know

Your friends may be legion and your family underground

You may think you are a prince but very soon thou shall be a clown

We have all the logs and we have people to connect the dots

We have all the lawyers and the newspapers are already bought

So be a dear and cooperate over tea and bread

Very soon your balance sheet shall be out of red

We are generous plus we are funded by people like you

What we do with it, the people wish they knew

But national security demands a steady  voice and clear command

The marching of the lemmings to the drums of the same band

We are honest and we promise you that

You can dig and hunt but you will know squat

Need to know is no need to tell

Need to know is dont ring no  alarm bell

let Rome burn the Emperor needs a report on the fiddle

We shall let you decipher this age  old riddle




Author: Ajay Ohri

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