The Village Game

I fall in love every other week

Parched in love I try and wet my beak

I am not so strong I am quite  weak

I was hunting for bacon I became myself the steak

I get up in the morning to drink my coconut water

I think up a poetry book to displace Harry Potter

I listen to Bob Dylan and marvel at his mind

I read Game of Thrones and a better series I have yet to find

In the noon I meet my artistic friends around the bend

I exchange banter and I drink the free tea they tend

I read my emails and a few I have to send

I learn from the world and a few nuggets of conversation I lend

Food is cheap from an Indian street

If your digestion can keep you on your feet

I say hello to my favorite painting in the store

I have seen it a thousand times but I always want more

All too soon I have to take a nap

I am middle aged and my mind is ready to snap

In the evening I awaken and if the sun is still there

I go to my fort of solitude and at the setting sun I stare

I drink my chamomile tea at a hundred bucks but ten percent off

I play Zombie Hunter on my android and the cold makes me cough

I find a funny thought and I remember to quietly laugh

I am neither young or old but half by half

I stare at the pretty people and wonder where my youth went

I am sure it was in a cafe writing poetry and it was elegantly spent

Till night calls I eat my pills and supper

Tuck myself carefully in bed lest I in the morning suffer

This was my day and you got the daily gist

My tasks of valor and my mundane lists

I am not sure I will ever succeed but in the end  I will be there

In any case the journey is prettier than the hows and whys and where




Author: Ajay Ohri

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