The Peacock and the corgi

A peacock went on a walk with a corgi dog

The corgi ran low on sugar and turned into a bulldog

Peacock thought how pretty she looked in the green park

Till she poured cold tea water on any peacock’s   spark

Peacock took her to art galleries two

Then she said she was in love with art too

But when Peacock took her near to her place

Bulldog growled I need breathing space

Maybe the peacock talked too much and maybe it said the wrong words

Maybe he was always on whats app and maybe he was too old for the words

Maybe he was consumed by his doubts

Maybe ,Peacock told himself, maybe once too many aloud

So chin up and shoulders down

We hunch and await and the next batter up round

We have much more thanks to give and much less to complain

Occasionally my peacock’s life does give him a twinge me some pain

The peacock promised his friend willow and it promised his old friend gigoid

The peacock shall strive to fill the emptiness in his gaping void

The peacock shall replace his leather coat with his tweed coat

The peacock shall try till the corgis takes note



Author: Ajay Ohri

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