My Cousin Talia

My cousin Talia raised on a farm far away

Said I would be a great man if I only listened to what she says

Focus on my healing and then focus on her truth

Read between the lines of the cards handed out to you

Get fit and really manage my energy

Get over procrastination and focus on technology

To make my life simpler and less complex

Find a way to optimize my reflex

I said Talia I know you love me

But it is time I cut down this tree

Rather than wait for the apple to fall

Thirty pieces of silver to make me crawl

Talia I am not and was never your foe

But we are related more deeply than you will ever know

I now have to go to the mountains and sit on for a while

Please carry on to the sea and remember to smile


Smells like a Trap

yes my dear

heaven is far but hell is near

i watch you shuffle the cards of my fate

and I sigh as always I am late

I am a mediocre poet and indifferent friend

countless nonsensical rhymes already penned

I am in love with the sound of my voice

everything the world throws at me is noise

I sit in the jungle perfecting my cyber mouse trap

While my enemies work a way to reach me and slap

Naked to my enemies and boy it is cold

I was trying to save my soul but I think it is already sold

To get to the inside of my warm and soft heart

You need a way to cut me up from the start

If you think I will fall for the trap

I would rather save my energy for the final lap


Tale of Oedipus

Oedipus came from an old family

of cruel fathers and insensitive sons

of paranoid mothers and crazy uncles

Oedipus cleared every exam

every training and every hurdle

but was a fool for women with pretty eyes

Oedipus fought the battle

and lost good friends

till he sailed home but got lost in a storm

Oedipus wandered the oceans

and the seas looking for dragons and sirens

while at home his home was crowded by fools

Till one day he arrived

Knife between his teeth and murder in his eyes

Oedipus claimed his home among the lies

Tale of Oedipus often told

Ancient tale very old

Modern twists but good as gold

Phaedrus the Lone Wolf

Phaedrus trained to be a soldier

Dropped out of college because he was insane

till he found traveling poetically with his son

That happiness will inevitably drown pain

Phaedrus had his dialogues

His romantic and platonic affair

Till he grew weary and tired

Crowned by  grey balding hair

Phaedrus wanted to be a poet

Instead he became a thief

Because they took away his son

His heart filled with grief

Phaedrus hacked and trained

And raised an army of fellow wolves and hackers

Till they bent down sighing and broken

By the vendetta of Phaedrusian firecrackers