Ether Cries

Sometimes I wish I curl up in bed and cry

Not a day passes by when I wonder how to die

I know you are alarmed but I can’t help why

Is this my life of solitude or shall I reboot and try

Leave the ground and aim for the sky

Give up one more attempt to die

Pretend to be nice and enjoy people for a while

Start flexing those lips for a genuine smile

In time I shall forget to eat melancholy pie

Maybe even learn to hug and greet  other people with an hi

It has been months since anybody gave me a hug

you will never guess it from my face so smug

I feel abandoned on an alien planet but thats my cross to bear

Trapped in melancholy in a species that celebrates cheer

I am shouting aloud in the ether but is there anybody there

The ether replies with an echo and says do you really care

V0018140 The first use of ether in dental surgery, 1846. Oil painting

Author: Ajay Ohri

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